Clara Atkins-Pope, Composer

Hello Musical Friends!
From the land of cool mountain breezes, streams and majestic landscapes as old as the beginning   of time, we wish you well, and invite you to peruse our newest publication: musical works for harps, voice, organ and other instruments. In our catalog  you will find works for harp ensembles; therapeutic melodies on ancient modes for use in venues of healing and transition; Works for SATB choir with harp accompaniment; also solo voice with harp accompaniment. Many solos for harp of high artistic quality and challenging technical ability are included in our catalog.

Take a moment to look at our offerings. We have time here to enjoy, listen, dream, believe and create. To you we send a breath of our freedom through our music, to lighten your load, and repair torn fences in mind, body and spirit.

Many thanks, and enjoy your exploration!